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New Business Development

One of ExactoCraft’s key focus areas is generating new business. With a young and innovative team, we at ExactoCraft would like to expand our reach in the plastic industry. Our current Marketing Manager, Roché Le Roux, was moved into the position of New Business Development Manager. He will now be focusing on new opportunities for ExactoCraft to grow. His previous day-to-day responsibilities have been shifted to other members of the personnel, so as to ensure each client still receives our undivided attention.

Plastic, being such a versatile material, offers many opportunities and we at ExactoCraft would love to play a more prominent part in the different segments. Being very open to new opportunities, we would love to assist anyone with a new plastic product. Our engineering team is one to be reckoned with and will definitely be able to tell if a product is feasible from a manufacturing point of view.

Relocation of factory and offices

The decision to relocate our factory and offices from Paardeneiland to Blackheath, Cape Town, was definitely not easily made. It was a tremendous effort, but definitely necessary for the company’s continuous growth; the new factory providing significantly more space.

Many Band-Aid’s and man-hours later, we are pleased to say we are finally settled into our new premises in Blackheath Park. Located in Range Road, our offices are situated in Unit 9C and our factory a mere 400m down the lane at Unit 1A.

We have taken a lot of care to let every one of our customers know about this change of location, and we do apologize for any inconvenience.

PET Blow Moulding

When the opportunity rose, to acquire blow moulding machinery, it made perfect sense to add PET bottles to ExactoCraft’s vast range of plastic products. Our Production Manager, with more than 30-years-experience in injection moulding, was especially excited to sink his teeth into another form of plastic processing.
Now offering high quality PET bottles for the beverage and wine industries, ExactoCraft is expanding its customer base and exposure in the plastic packaging market. ExactoCraft also makes a conscious effort to include certified food grade regrind PET in the manufacturing of the bottles to lighten the impact on the environment.